About USPB: United for Bird Conservation

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Ukrainian Society for the Protection of Birds (USPB) is an independent, membership-based NGO established in April 1994 as a BirdLife International partner in Ukraine.

Our mission is to prevent bird declines and extinctions, maintain species diversity, and protect key ecosystems crucial to birds and people. We strive to empower communities through dedicated conservation efforts. 

Our Goals

  • Prevent Bird Declines and Extinctions: We focus on protecting bird species that are at the greatest risk, particularly those listed in the Red Data Book of Ukraine and the European and international red lists.
  • Maintain Species Diversity: By conserving and protecting critical ecosystems, we aim to ensure the rich diversity of bird species continues to thrive.
  • Empower Communities: Trough conservation efforts, we engage and empower local communities to take part in protecting their natural environment. 

Long-terms Aims

USPB is committed to biodiversity conservation with a special focus on birds. Our long-term goals include:  

  • Conservation Measures: Implementing effective strategies to protect bird species and their habitats.
  • Information Dissemination: Spreading knowledge about the life of birds and their social, economic and environmental significance to a wider audience. 

Addressing Complex Challenges

The issues affecting birds and the environment are complex and large-scale. To ensure our actions are effective and successful, we concentrate our efforts on:

  • Protection of Endangered Species: Prioritizing the conservation of birds in the greatest danger.
  • Habitat Preservation: Safeguarding the areas and habitats essential for the survival of these species.
Photo: USPB
Photo: Serhiy Kantsyrenko

Our Community

USPB is a non-government organization. We rely on the support of our members and supporters to carry out our vital work. Membership is open to everyone, and we invite conservation specialists, birdwatchers, scientists, amateurs and anyone passionate about birds and environmental protection. 

Our Governance

USPB's strategic directions and activities are determined by the Congress of Members, which convenes to approve our main initiatives and policies. Between congresses, our organization is overseen by the Council. The day-to-day operations are managed by our dedicated Secretariat.

Join USPB in our mission to conserve and protect the incredible bird diversity of Ukraine. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the environment and the future of birdlife.